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Welcome -SAPU ANGIN-
Friday, 03 February 2012 06:08

Efficient Cars "SAPU ANGIN" Winning the Shell Eco Marathon Asia Competition 2010 - After winning Robot Team of ITS which will represent Indonesia in international robot contest, ITS re-record of achievement for their success in the competition Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2010. ITS with the car "Sapu Angin 2", its first successfully won the champion in the Urban Concept class after successfully recorded mileage so far 237.6 miles to the liter (km / lt).

With a record mileage of the SA 2 received two awards the Grand Prize Combustion and Gasoline Fuel Award. SA 2 itself is designed with the purpose of fuel economy while still meeting other functions such as stability, security and comfort.
ITS has two cars that are named Sapu Angin 1 and 2. Sapu Angin 1 is the prototype of a futuristic car-like go-kart with a target of one liter of gasoline for the mileage of 1,000 kilometers. Meanwhile, two similar cars Sapu Angin the conventional four-wheeled car, but only 1-2 passengers with a target containing a liter of petrol for 300 kilometers distance. Car "Sapu Angin 1" and "Sapu Angin 2" designed by 14 students at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department of Industrial Engineering (FTI) ITS 2005 and 2006.

On January 11, 2010, two cars "Sapu Angin" was released. Excess car "Sapu Angin", among others, the concept that monoqouce making its weight felt light, then the engine injection system (EFI) makes the car so fuel efficient and environmentally friendly compared to a carburetor system (spray system). Lightweight body made ​​from fiberglass because, while the frame is made of poly-euretane (solid cork).


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